Some Posts from the Archives to Cheer You Along

I’ll be honest with you. My mood this week has been a bit rocky. I’m in isolation because I started taking immunosuppressants in mid-January (possibly the worst time in the history of the world to do that).

Skype visits with a couple of nieces have helped. And Alan brings me news of the outside world. The bakery is still open, for which we are very grateful. We know how lucky we are.

But this, The Great Hunkering Down of 2020, is tough. We may all be in it together, but most of us have never felt more alone.

I couldn’t think of anything new to write. Nothing that would help, anyway, so I’ve gathered together some of my best posts from the archives.

Let’s start with some words of encouragement.

The First Time the World Ended is a reminder that, while the world-wide lockdown is unprecedented, we’ve lived through fearful times before. The pandemic won’t last forever, even if we can’t see the endpoint yet.

Ted the Electrician taught me that most problems are just situations. I think the pandemic counts as a problem. But much of what we’re living with day today is a situation.

I didn’t know it then, but The Friend I Never Met was a master of social distancing with grace, long before the rest of us had to learn how.

And, because my houseplants bring me such joy, let’s replay Earl, Harbinger of Hope.

Many of you will be spending way more time with your loved ones than you’re used to over the next few weeks. It will be a challenge. Tempers might fray. Just remember to use Three Little Words as often as you need to.

Sometimes you need some distraction. And a good laugh. It will lift your mood as well as boost your immune system.

So many of my family’s interactions seemed like the apocalypse. Was it because My Mother Was a Nurse? I mean, We Were Never Good in a Crisis.

If you’re feeling at all bad about how you’re handling the current crisis, I hope that My First Panic Attack (from over on Medium) will let you feel better about yourself.

Stay well, lovelies. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, and if you’ve come across anything inspiring or funny in your travels through the internet, please leave a link in the comments.

We’ll get through this by sharing what we can.

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