Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Happy Simple!

Consider this a safe harbour, a once-a-week mini-vacation where we try out new ideas, tell our stories and make stuff up.

Themes we like to explore include minimalism and slow living, kindness and connection.

While you’re here, I want to encourage you to pursue your own creativity. Singing, dancing, problem-solving, looking at the same old world with brand new eyes. This is what we’re here for. Sometimes I write about creative things and sometimes I lead by example.

This post  pretty much sums up the philosophy around here.

A few of my best include:

What Do You Owe And To Whom

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Three Little Words

On Necessity

Small Habits Big Rewards

We Were Never Good In A Crisis

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I hope you’ll come back often. It’s so good to have you here!


17 Responses to Welcome

  1. Anne says:

    I love your blog. Keep it up!

  2. Barb McMahon says:

    Thanks Anne! Will do!

  3. Alice says:

    I’m starting to get addicted to your Blog. Maybe because I’m starting to go through and starting to think and plan like you.

  4. Barb McMahon says:

    How nice of you to say so!

  5. Lj says:

    Barb! i badgered dh to get rid of our dishwasher today, mainly cuz it was in a terrible location of our kitchen but now im liberated from it, and he wont sway on getting rid of the microwave, for some reason…ill work on him 😉
    I have been feeling very conflicted about the world and its pressures to follow trends and own appliances and what not just cuz others do. In the past four years, since i became a parent coincidentally, ive unconsiously developed a greener lifestyle but for most reasons have been out of curiosity and what just “felt right.” We have cloth diapered all three of our babes, even implemeted early potty training techniques, hang our clothes on the line, try to eat wholesome, spend hours outdoors even in the winter and even with young newly born babes, welcomed many handmedowns both in clothing and furniture, use vinegar to clean just about anything, among many other minimalist ways of life, but lastly the infamous dishwasher is now gone! I was even considering living out of a cooler, rather than a fridge! Maybe thats y i like camping so much 😉
    Then on an unrelated topic, i had this weird feeling to visit stratford today. I came across ur blog only a few hours ago so u can imagine how strange i feel right now. Hmmmmm i guess i was meant to find ur blog haha
    Cant wait to hear more from u! Keep em coming.

  6. Lj says:

    Forgot to add, breastfeeding! Haha talk about saving money! Initially, since i was formula fed, the initial attraction i had to breastfeeding was the cost, uber affordable.

  7. Barb says:

    Hi Lj! Thanks for all your lovely comments. It sounds like you’re making a life for yourself and your family that suits you completely and I always love to hear about that!

  8. Lj says:

    Still dishwasher free. im loving it. Y does my kitchen keep cleaner without one? I think its cuz im on top of the mess now and im not hiding dirty dishes or leaving clean ones sit inefficently clean (i always found them with some sort of residue) for hours on end. Little tasks thruout the day r less stressful for me than one major task to do like unloading the dishwasher in the middle of suppertime rush argh. Plus the added space in my kitchen is awesome! I can prob do a cartwheel! ….but i wont 😉

  9. Barb says:

    Yeah, injuring yourself would be bad… 😉

    The space-hogging tendencies of our modern conveniences hardly ever get a mention, but my kitchen is much better off without a dishwasher (or microwave) and I have no idea how I’d be able to arrange my living room if I had to try to fit a TV into it…

    Enjoy your freedom Lj! It’s a lot of fun!

  10. source says:

    I Will have to come back again whenever my course load lets up – nevertheless I am getting your Feed so i could read your web blog offline. Cheers.

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