Celebrating the Coy Flirtation of Spring

Spring officially arrived a couple of weeks ago, but we were still knee deep in snow here.  I decided to wait till it had melted before I posted this.  Which it did. But then it came back.  And melted and came back a few more times. It’s playing with us.

The flowers poke their little noses out of the gound and get covered over again.  The robins arrive, fluff up their feathers and act like they’re looking for someone to blame.  And we wait. A little excited, a little nervous. Will the magic happen this year?   Will it? Will it?  Oh look! There it is!

Here in southern Ontario, we start getting emails (with photos) from our friends on the west coast and in the UK. They are surrounded by greenery and flowers while we’re still shovelling out our driveways and wondering why we get so excited by a season that is mostly mud and dashed hopes.  But finally the first crocus appears, the world rights itself and we begin to believe.

What do I love most about Spring?

  • the cranky robins I already mentioned
  • the fact that we can have the most glorious weather, but until late May, there’s always a chance that we might get another freeze, so there’s no point doing any gardening at all. So I can sit on my deck enjoying the day and I’m not being lazy, I’m being smart!
  • crocusses and daffodils scattered through a lawn . They’ll bloom and finish before the grass needs cutting and that arrangement just looks to me like the lawn is getting away with something.
  • POSSIBILITY!!! The tantalizing, magical, wonderful plans we make for the season ahead.  Maybe they’ll work, maybe they won’t, but this is the season for dreaming.

How about you? What do you love most about Spring?

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10 Responses to Celebrating the Coy Flirtation of Spring

  1. Margie says:

    My garden! My garden! I get to work in my garden!

  2. Karen says:

    Um. How odd is it that I also counted the ways I love spring on my facebook page? Hmmmm. Spring. Rocks. Bring on the mud. It’s not snow!

  3. sandy says:

    The first day I open up all the windows and the fresh spring air blows through the house ~ oh yeah!

  4. Patti Winker says:

    Ah, Barb, you have captured the poetry of Spring!

    Living in Florida for the past 8 years, Spring has lost its glory for me. As a northern Wisconsin expat, my heart soars at the mention of exasperated robins, brave crocus, and clotheslines! My Mom hanging clothes on the line – precious memory, indeed.

    Other fond memories of Spring when I was a kids include:
    bare patch of blacktop to jump rope on
    thawing snowbanks perfect for fort building
    hot sun, cold ‘snow puddles’ perfect for sailing boats
    the ‘lake’ at the base of the ski hill – splash!
    the return of the ducks to the river
    maple syrup candy in the last fresh snowfall of the year
    warm grass on the south side of the house
    last pile of snow on the north side of the house

    And, those first Spring sunshine dried sheets fresh off the line.

    Thanks Barb for tugging my heart!

  5. Douglass says:

    Dear Barb:


    Yours Truly,

  6. Barb says:

    It’s a banner day for HappySimple: my first comment from a dog!
    Dear Ernesto:
    It’s been too long since we danced together. We must get together soon. Possibly after Douglass has had a chance to clean you up a little… xo

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