The Chance for a Fresh Start


The local schools started back  this week.  I think it’s a function of the years I spent in school that I view September, as opposed to January, as the real start to the New Year.  It’s just so much more fresh and ripe with new possibilities.

So this week, for Celebration Friday, I’m celebrating the fresh start, the do-over, the new chance.

Because, really, it is one of the big miracles of this existence of ours that we can start over.  That starting down the wrong path doesn’t mean we have to stay on the wrong path.  That we can even, for no real reason,  just let ourselves get distracted and go with it.   Marvellous, lovely.  There are so many possibilities.

Nor does it end when we leave school, or choose a career, or start a family.  Or retire.  The fresh possibilities are available right up until we die.

A broken hip forced my mother into a nursing home at the age of 81.  This was so entirely not in her life plan.  I distinctly remember many conversations in which she said “I’d rather die than move into one of those places…”  And yet, there she was.  And after a couple of weeks to recover from the surgery and get used to this new life, she started making friends.  Made a new best friend, in fact.

And what those two got up to!  They made plans, they caused trouble, they laughed and shared secrets.   They had a good time.  Because they both believed in the fresh start.  And I am so inspired by the example that they set.

Mum’s gone now, and so is her friend.

But it’s September and possibility (as always) is in the air.

Learn something new.  Take a different route.  Try a new taste.  Make a new friend.  Say “I’m sorry” to an old friend.  Get distracted.  Or get back on track.

Breathe deep and celebrate with me.

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  1. margaret says:

    wow, that is just so right on! great new blog! here’s to possibilities!!!!

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