There is No Better Choice

Resting is good, too

Which is better: getting up at the crack of dawn or sleeping till noon?

Lying in the shade with a good book or going to the gym?

Snuggling in bed with the love of your life or cleaning your house?

If you answered any of these questions, I can see I have some work to do here.

Because, there really is no universal better to any of it.  There’s just better for you.

A late-night DJ, for instance, would probably be better served to sleep till noon, so you can stay up till the wee hours, spinning the tunes, even though so many of us have been raised to believe that really?  Morally?  The early riser is the better person, NO MATTER WHAT!

And it goes on like that for just about every decision we want to make in this life, for every fork we come to in the road of our lives there is one choice that will clearly be an easier sell to our families, friends and, most sadly, to the deepest part of ourselves.

Stay in school or quit to pursue something else?

Minimalism or clutter?

This man who has his life sewn up or this other one who doesn’t know where he’s going but makes your heart sing?

Buying or renting?

On and on and on it goes.  So let me tell you this now.

There is no better.  There is only better for you.  You get to decide.  In fact you have to.

You can follow the path set out for you by others, if it makes you happy to do so.  Because the majority choice is actually right for most people.  But it’s not right for everybody.  And not every majority choice is right for you.

So get to know yourself.  And then decide for yourself.

And either greet the dawn joyfully, or joyfully sleep till noon.

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2 Responses to There is No Better Choice

  1. Lynn says:

    Or get up at the crack of dawn and take a nap in the afternoon!

  2. Barb McMahon says:

    We’re such a versatile bunch round here!

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