All Flared Up and Eager For Spring

One of the odder aspects of having inflammatory arthritis is that it will flare up just in advance of the big season changes in Spring and Fall. So in Summer, I’m all tra-la-la-la-OUCH! and here comes Fall, which is kind of a downer. But in the Winter, it’s gloom and doom and will this Winter never end? And then OUCH! Oh, hey, here comes Spring. I don’t enjoy the extra pain no matter when it occurs, but at least this time of year, I know I have something to look forward to.

A much more enjoyable predictor of Spring is the plant life in my apartment. Those dudes know how to celebrate the end of Winter and have been putting out new growth and outgrowing their pots for a month now. We’d have blizzards outside and happy greenery inside assuring us that better things were just round the corner. If you don’t already have a couple of houseplants (don’t ever get just one, it will be lonely and won’t thrive) I highly recommend you get some. They have so much they can teach you if you pay attention and will reward your efforts with enthusiasm and good cheer. Plus, they’re pretty.

A friend of mine suggested that you might like it if I recommend good books through this blog and I thought that was a good idea. If you like the writing you find here, I highly recommend you look up What If This Were Enough, a collection of essays by Heather Havrilesky. It’s a very soothing antidote to the current culture. I found her take on living your best life breathtaking.

I’ve also gotten a little too hooked on doing online jigsaw puzzles. All of the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle with none of the mess or need to store piles of boxes. The one I use even has that satisfying click sound effect when the pieces fit together.

One thought that has occurred to me as I fit the border pieces together is how quickly the patterns can change. If the picture shades from light to dark and back again, it can happen in the space of a puzzle piece or two. Which seems like a good metaphor for life, especially as I was for this current flare up to settle down.

Thank you for your kind words and understanding about my need for a break. I’m glad to be back here with you and have some things to share that I hope you’ll like.

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  1. KRan McCabe says:

    I too have Arthritis. Psoriatic. Crazy pain gets worse daily. Pharmaceuticals cause nausea, suicididal tendencies and weight gain, which I live with daily without the pharms. Can be depressing …….but reading good blogs certainly helps.
    Keep up the inspiration my dear.

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