Everything Changes

The first time I met our next-door neighbours, I asked them to move their car. Which is really not the friendliest way to say “Welcome to the neighbourhood”.

We were able to salvage things a couple of weeks later when we asked them over for an impromptu drinks and snacks evening on our back deck and we became friends. For the next few years, there were dinner parties and more informal grab what you have in the fridge and meet at ours or theirs dinners. And it was really lovely.

A couple of weeks ago, Lally messaged us to say that it was such a gorgeous evening, should she bring over a bottle of wine or should we meet on a patio somewhere in town? And since it’s been the kind of summer that gorgeous, sunny evenings are a rarity and because she had recently sold her house and would be moving away in a few days, we threw together a quick dinner and sat on our deck for a few happy hours.

And then the evening had to end and Lally moved away a few days later and we’ll be moving soon and even though we are all staying in the same city, it will change things.

And sad as I am about that, I’m glad to have had the experience, because ever since, many years ago now, we sold our second B & B to move in with my Mum, I’ve felt a little bad about instigating that change. It’s like we said, “Our life is PERFECT! Let’s mess it up!”

Because we had a circle of friends and a routine that suited us and our life really was pretty amazing and why would I go and change that?

And the time with Mum did not go at all as planned and our next business venture was not exactly a success and the economy tanked and there were years of difficulty and wondering where we had gone wrong and I felt like somehow it was all my fault.

And here we are with an amazing life again and the changes happened anyway. And now I realize that life will do that for you even if you try to hang on.

It was lovely having Lally and Robin next door and enjoying those impromptu evenings. But Robin’s in a nursing home now. And I’m not able to look after this place. Ruffles is gone and so is their Louis.

Life moves on and everything changes and if you’re wise, you let it teach you to savour those perfect moments that come your way, however brief they may be.

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4 Responses to Everything Changes

  1. douglass says:

    Just a hug, you changeable wonders….

  2. Kim says:

    I have always admired your ability to roll with and make changes in your life (whether you wanted to at the time or not). I think it’s far easier to fight against those changes than to hold your nose and just jump in. You are a brave and strong soul xoxo

  3. Carrie says:

    It is wonderful to have such a nice neighbors. Life goes on!

  4. Terrie says:

    Barb, I think that you are embracing life as it comes as many of us choose to do. Keep the faith that life only hands us what we can handle. Cousin Terrie

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