The Joy of Not Being There Yet

No matter how often I remind myself that things are fine just the way they are, that I am fine just the way I am, there is this deep-seated push in all of us, to make things better.  Or, at least, different.

Which, fine.  Maybe part of accepting things as they are includes accepting this drive to make things other than the way they are (getting dizzy yet?  I know I am!).  But do we really need to beat ourselves up over the fact that we’re not there yet?  Especially when there is essentially unquantifiable?  How do you measure “I want to be a more compassionate person”  or   “I want to lighten  the heck up”?

We’re on a path, here.  A journey.    And, while, yes, we will still strive toward that destination, wherever it may be, let’s try to relax and enjoy the trip, OK?  Because it’s a blast being here and our fellow travelers are just so adorably cool.

And because, if we ever do decide that we’ve reached our mark, will we  rest in the glow of knowing we’ve achieved compassion, or lightness or some other really quite valid achievement?  Of course not.   That’s just not how we’re built.  Once we get there, we’ll immediately ask “Now where to?”

Life’s a trip.  And I celebrate having all of you along for the ride with me.

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7 Responses to The Joy of Not Being There Yet

  1. Florin - Infinite Journey says:

    yes, I am also grateful for having you along this trip with me 😀
    Life is an infinite journey. We tend to make some kind of false destinations in our mind, witch are not true.

    this same thing happened to me, thinking that I could have done better even if everything is the way it is. Well, I always say this: “I love everything so much that I want to do everything better and better”. You can only see you can do something better after you’ve done it.

    peace 😀

  2. Kim says:

    smooch…that’s all, just smooch

  3. Barb McMahon says:

    Oooh! My first blog smooch!

    Thanks Kim!

  4. Catherine says:

    Hey Barb,

    You’re absolutely right. We ARE all in this boat together, sink or swim and holding on for dear life with both hands and holding our collective breath as well.

    It’s scary, exhilarating, exciting and oh my god, what next. Yep, that’s life alright.

    Good post!

  5. You’re absolutely right. We must remember to enjoy the journey as well as focusing on the destination.
    We have to live in the present and enjoy ourselves for who we are and where we are right now – as well as having a certain destination in mind to work toward – because as you said, it’s the way we’re made.
    We have to have something to aim for, but we must also remember to not get caught up in that so often.

    Thanks Barb!


  6. Barb McMahon says:

    And what a great bunch of people to have along for this ride!

    Thanks everyone!

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