Celebrating Jammie Days

Future Blogger enjoying a Jammie Day

I spent most of  Tuesday in my jammies, lazing about and reading.  Alan had the day off and took it easy, too.  It was great.

On Wednesday, I was telling some friends about my laziness and they nodded enthusiastically and agreed that Jammie Days are the best.  “It’s like you’ve stolen a day back from time!”

So I’m not alone in my enjoyment of these days of rest and non-productivity.

When my brother’s kids were in school, they were allowed to take one day off a month, no questions asked.  As long as it wasn’t a test day.  And they weren’t allowed to bank them.  I thought that was brilliant.  It saved the kids from having to manufacture vague symptoms that could keep them home, but out of the doctor’s office.  When I was a kid, half my creativity was spent trying to come up with just such symptoms.

I read somewhere that, if you ever think that you’d like to get whatever’s going around, just so you could have a day to lie around and take care of yourself, you should just take a day to lie around and take care of yourself.  All the fun of a sick day, without the piles of Kleenex and occasional race to the bathroom.

It can be hard to make the time to do that, especially if your work doesn’t allow for personal days.  You may just have to give notice to your family and significant other that this Saturday, you are off-limits.  Maybe swap child-care with a friend.  Or agree to give your spouse next Saturday off.   Or make Jammie Day a family event.  Don’t answer the phone, snooze a lot, catch up on your reading, snooze some more…

This is a great way to get started on a more minimal, debt-averse lifestyle, too.  If you’re home in your jammies, you’re not out spending money (you might want to hide the credit card if you’re going to be spending time with the internet) and you’re not getting things done.   There’s just something about being in your favourite pair of giraffe pajamas that makes it impossible to be professional and productive.

No, on Jammie Day, the focus is not on doing, but rather on being. And it’s gorgeous!

Hmmm… I have some commitments for tomorrow.  But most of Sunday’s free….

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4 Responses to Celebrating Jammie Days

  1. Lynn says:

    I enjoyed your blog and believe in my soul that “jammie days” should be a “requirement” for everyone. Today, while I don’t actually have my jammies on, I have “puttered” around my home and loved it. May make a pot of tea and watch a chick movie later. My husband and I light a room full of candles and snuggle up to watch tv or almost every night. Working with you husband on this blog is a wonderful gift you have been given. Blessings,

  2. Lynn says:

    [Waving “hi” to the other Lynn.] I took one of those days on Friday. Finished up a bunch of small projects, puttered a lot, ate leftovers, watched “Ace of Cakes” on DVD, and knitted, knitted, knitted!

    • Barb McMahon says:

      It’s so nice when the Lynn’s get along…

      Your Friday sounds perfect! Leftovers do make life so much easier on Jammie Days…

      Thanks for telling me about it.

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