Strip Malls – WTF?



I’m not sure how we all got here.

There are some who believe that God made us and there are others who believe that through a long series of random events we ended up here.

Whichever story you believe, the end result is pretty darned amazing.  People!  With opposable thumbs!  And the ability to communicate with each other!  To love and to work together to build a society that can manufacture a whole bunch of really cheap crap that necessitates ever bigger houses, urban sprawl and, on the edge of that sprawl, the ubiquitous strip mall in which to buy, sell and store ever more of that really cheap crap.

Seriously.  Where, in either the creation scenario, or the evolution scenario, does the cheap, crappy strip mall and all its associated tat fit in?

If we come directly from the hand of God, who made us to be co-creators, do you really think that phones that take pictures, send emails and fart were really the pinnacle of creation in mind for us?   Or if our great, greats took the trouble to crawl out of the primordial ooze, do you really think they’d be that impressed with a three-quarter pound cheeseburger with everything???

I’m not trying to be superior here.  I love a bargain (and a good giggle) as much as the next person.  It’s just something that runs through my head, every time I venture out to the edges of town.  The ugliness, the expediency of it all seems like such a waste, given the potential that is humanity.

And I think of the people working in those soulless places, looking out their window at the soulless place across the street, with four lanes of traffic in between, rushing to get from one appointment to another, rushing to and from work, rushing, rushing, rushing.  Where, exactly?

If we keep going the way we’re going and stressing the planet the way we are, it’ll be straight back to the primordial ooze.

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