Celebrating The One and Only You

Never Before...

The world’s population is rounding up on seven billion people.  An amazing statistic, all by itself.  But when you consider that each and every one of those people is a unique individual and then add in all the billions of people who have lived and died before today, with never a repeat, well, that’s one incredible thought.

No one, ever, quite like you.

Why does that scare the crap out of so many of us?

This fear shows in the language we use.  When we’re describing someone we don’t like much, we say, “Well…. he’s different.”  Had an argument?  “We have our differences.”

Neither of these are positive connotations and I find that sad.  Because, holy cow, billions and billions of people in the world and then there’s YOU, in all your unique wonderfullness and amazeability.  No one else can put things quite the way you do.  No one else can do that thing that you do that amazes/delights/infuriates those around you.  And all most of us want to do is blend in?

Isn’t it time to accept this fact of life, to really understand that another you?  Won’t actually be along any minute now.  That you are NOT a dime a dozen.  When they made you, they really, truly did break the mold.  And it will never be patched up and used to make another, not ever again.

Kinda huge, when you think about it.

And it’s not just you!  Your spouse, your kids,  your annoying neighbour, each one unique and special and strange.  Each one worth getting to know a little more deeply.

Once you think about it, you realize that you are cause for celebration.  You and the unique and wonderful people you’ve surrounded yourself with.  You could so easily not have happened.  Those special people in your life?  Do you ever think  what if they’d been born a hundred years ago instead of in your lifetime?  You might not want to follow these thought processes too far.  Like trying to count the stars, they can leave you curled up in a ball, hugging your blankie (or maybe that’s just me).  But they’re worth a passing thought, at least, a side-long acknowledgement that your life, right now, just as it is?  Is pretty freaking amazing.

And you shy ones at the back?  You know who you are, shuffling your feet and thinking, “she can’t mean ME.  I’m nothing special…”  Here’s a little test to see if you belong in the Amazing and Wonderful crowd.  Hold up two fingers.  Place them on the side of your neck where that big vein runs down.  Feel that fluttering?  It’s called a pulse.  If you have one, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re in the Amazing and Wonderful club.

Now get on out there and celebrate!  I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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