Celebrating Stolen Moments of Bliss

Lovers in the Park Midday

I read of a study the other day that showed that small, regular doses of  happiness have a more beneficial effect than the occasional big blow out. (I didn’t save the link, unfortunately, but if any of you know where I can track it down, please let me know)

This is something I have long suspected, which is why one of the mottoes that I live by is: Every day, have some fun.

It’s so easy to forget this, to let being busy and getting things done get in the way of having fun and, dare I say it, actually living.  It’s worth figuring out where and how and when you can fit in moments of joy, of bliss, of fun.

I recommend not filling in all the gaps in your schedule with productivity.  Instead, make a cup of tea and read a few pages of a good book.  Pour a glass of wine and catch up on the day with the one you love the most.  Play with your kids.

If you’re stuck in traffic, don’t try to blast through emails on your phone, just turn up the radio and sing along.  Walking from point A to point B?  Take in your surroundings and take a deep breath.

These mini celebrations add up.  They make your life so much happier.  And if that study is right and they’re actually good for your health, then you can assuage any guilt you may have by knowing that a few moments “wasted” out of your day will bring you years of extra life.

Some of which you might actually use for getting to the bottom of that to do list.

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10 Responses to Celebrating Stolen Moments of Bliss

  1. Mary Atkinson says:

    I was trying to figure out what to do with myself as plans to go to visit Aaron fell through. I started out staying in bed too long, not eager to face a sad day.
    But after reading your words of wisdom, I have decided to spend the afternoon reading. I am reading Friends of Meager Fortune and plan to finish it today. While it’s a bit depressing it puts things in perspective. David Adams Richards is a much underrated Canadian author.
    Thanks. barb.

  2. Barb McMahon says:

    I am humbled…

  3. Love this post Barb! I would much rather have lots of “tiny” bits of happiness sprinkled throughout my life vs. having only big moments.

    Great read!


  4. Barb McMahon says:

    Thanks Dayne!

  5. John McMahon says:

    After i wake up and before i breakfast, i play, learned that from my little kids, they always were happy. More “growups” should play. That is one of my tiny moments of happiness. And P.S. this is Catherine not John

  6. Randi says:

    I like to do a crossword puzzle or sodoku inbetween making breakfast for B&B guests and cleaning up. Now I can say this is good for my health…l’m not just goofing off! Thanks Barb.

  7. Ann says:

    Loved this read, Barn

    Hugs to you both

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